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Chandelier arms and components

        Company TECHNOSKLO Ltd. Drzkov is producer of chandelier arms with diameters 15, 1722 and 30 mm from the borosilicate glass tubes that are used as semi products in the production of crystal glass chandeliers.
Depending on the agreement with the customer it is possible to create other modifications of the cross-sections and bend angles of the chandelier arms.

Axial spacing of chandelier arms
Mutual distance of axis in the centers of diameters at the beginning and at the end of the chandelier arm determines axial spacing of the chandelier arm. The spacing is mentioned in the name of the chandelier arm and it is displayed in the drawing of the individual products.

Chandelier arms with fitting - plastering of chandelier arms
The chandelier arms are supplied in standard finish without fitting or they can be supplied with fitting fixed by plastering.

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